Wednesday, May 20, 2015

An Ad for a Strange Product Finds Its Target Market

Baffle friends on two continents with this design, which incorporates the shape of a country 99.999% of Americans won’t recognize (let alone find on a map), with part of a flag most Germans won’t recognize, because there’s no sane reason to teach US state flags in German schools. 

“Damn near anything,” not “everything,” alas.
It’s unsettling — albeit unsurprising — how Facebook targeted me with this ad, though, considering I am a writer in Colorado with ties to a German publisher, and another German friend I met years ago in the comments section in one of Spiegel’s English-language pages. I imagine we’ll all find this in competing degrees of creepy and amusing. As for everyone else, here’s yet another example of the You Can Find Damn Near Anything on the Internet principle.