Monday, December 01, 2014

Thanksgiving Weekend Roundup

My college football team lost the big rivalry game this weekend. If that’s the worst that happens this weekend, I’m happy.

I sincerely hope this is the last Thanksgiving I observe in Colorado Springs, because I don’t see how I could possibly top it. It was the first Thanksgiving in which an adult child came to visit—and the one still at home is 18 and in his senior year of high school. This is a continuum of transitions here. If everything works out, I will be in a completely different situation this time next year. 
That pointed lump in the middle is Pikes Peak as seen with max zoom on my Canon PowerShot. Please buy my books so I can afford a proper SLR!

Of course, everything “working out” depends on how well I work. I have to write a third and final book while promoting the first two. I’ve learned the hard way I can’t favor either task over the other. If I’m not tweaking or writing for The Wrong Kind of Dead, I need to blog and tweet like that’s all I do for a living.

It’s all about time management. No time like right now to get my New Year’s Resolutions underway. It really does take me a while to get the momentum going, and I’d like to be doing it like it’s no big deal come 1 January 2015.

One sustained gust of wind bisected this cloud, There was a weird, orangey glow to the sunset the Friday after Thanksgiving.

The numbers give me pause. November was the worst month for this blog before it took off with that linkage from at the beginning of 2013. I can’t fault it, because if you’re not working on your blog, it’s not happening, so that’s all on me. 

But the people who come here to read are a fairly steady bunch. I met one of my French fans—Christ almighty, who ARE you people from France who read my blog every other day? As it is, I’ve added French to the German I need to study so I can communicate with these fine people who live in places I absolutely must visit before I die.

I’ve got an official count of 150 followers on Twitter. About half a dozen of those are spam bots, some of which I’ve kept on because the crap they post is actually funny. (Out of a zillion spambots on Twitter, you’d expect one might fuck up and entertain.)

I need to trim it back. No spam, no fat. I need to expand my base. I need to find things to say to these good people. I don’t want to bomb their feeds with half-a-dozen or more bullshit posts a day like these spam-bots, but I’ve got to put myself out there, more than I’m doing now.

She was a beauty.
Meanwhile, I’m grateful for who and what I have. I had, what? Thirty-three people for the longest damn time as of two months ago?

The spirit of Thanksgiving 2014 rides with honor into the mists of memory. If you’re reading this, I’m grateful for you, too. I’ve got a king-hell grim and violent excerpt from The Wrong Kind of Dead to share in a couple of days. Stay tuned. Or subscribe, using that button on left. Whatever works for you.

Christmas is on deck, and in full effect. There is so much to do, and I’m glad for it. Happy December, everyone!