Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December's Apocalyptic Skies

I was fueling up yesterday evening at the King Sooper’s near the corner of Woodmen and Lexington when I saw these clouds.

Looking north.

Looking northeast.

Looking west. At least the clouds here don’t look like they want to claw a chunk out of the earth.

I drove up the hill to the supermarket and took this before going in. Looking west again, because that’s where the color is:

The mountain over the vehicle at right is Pikes Peak, in case anyone cares.

We seem to have had a rash of these evenings lately in which there is an eerie, bloody hue to the air as the sun disappears behind the Front Range. The wind was calm, the temperatures in the mid-50sF. It’s unseasonably mild for Colorado Springs this time of year, but not dramatically so. The next big changes in our weather aren’t supposed to happen until Saturday night, but you’d think the world was coming to an end looking at these skies. 

This was taken while descending the ridge on Austin Bluffs southbound, with a sweet view of Cheyenne Mountain.

This is looking west towards Pikes Peak from East Bijou, near Academy Boulevard.

And then I went home and watched TV. More on that later.