Wednesday, November 19, 2014

RIP, Our 2014 Jack o’ Lantern

I had meant to put in a candle and fire him back up after Halloween. Then the cold snap came last week, and the same thing that happened to his predecessor last year happened here: consecutive days of single-digit cold froze the water in his cells, rupturing enough of them to cause total collapse when the thaw came. 

It does no good to leave this out for the animals and the elements. For one thing, the animals don’t seem to get much out of the gutted pumpkin. For another, the actual skin of the pumpkin is nigh-indestructible. I had a pumpkin I’d thrown into a corner of my yard endure for nearly two years. It was bleached from the sun and dried out like a raisin, but that seemed to be as far as its decomposition went.

So I bagged poor Jack up and put him in the bin to go out with the tomorrow’s trash. I really wish I’d put a candle in him one last time. I miss the smell of a pumpkin baking from the inside. I’d hoped to have him around at least until Thanksgiving, but that’s the way it goes. He was still looking good one week after Halloween, as evidenced by the photo at right.

Oh, well. Another missed opportunity.

So long, Jack. See you next year.