Saturday, May 31, 2014

GRACE AMONG THE DEAD Is with the Publisher

It’s a quarter of five, Saturday morning. At 11:09 the previous evening—a little over five and one-half hours ago—I sent Grace Among the Dead to my editor at Severed Press. Two hours later, he sends back an e-mail saying “Great. How about a cover with two exploding zombie heads?”

I’m up now because, a) my head’s stopped up, as usual, and,  b) I’m due at one of the odd jobs I take on from time to time at 7 a.m. so we can make the bills. Might as well get caffeinatin’. If I survive this, I’ll just crash right when I come home. I’ll get my schedule righted over the next week.

Now the real work starts. I have podcasts to plan, promos to do, and another book to write. The as-yet titled book (working under “Project Apotheosis”) will be blocked out entirely on a very detailed beat-sheet before I even think to begin writing. I’ll give myself a week for that blocking out. Hell, why not two?

Finally whipped it! Art Copyright © 2014 by Matt Dixon.
He’ll sell you this print if you like it enough. Buy one, and tell him
Roy from Colorado sent ya! 
I’m hoping a solid beat sheet will enable me to get my next book out in a more timely manner than one-year-plus-a-couple-of-days since the last one. I don’t want to make deadlines I have no intention of honoring (the book is done when the book is done, and not a minute before), but I would like to have this one out by November. It was on 4 November 2011 when I wrote that first scene which opens Grace Among the Dead, which, as it turns out, was the first thing I ever wrote for my Dead Silencer trilogy.  If I can get the third book out by my third anniversary, it jibe nicely with my rule of threes—that I should be into something for three years, and then I’m done with it. It’s a life pattern I was into even before I married into the military and three-year duty stations. 

Which is a blog post for another time...meanwhile, I’ve got caffeinatin’ to do.

Anyway, my apologies to all who have been waiting so long. My effusive thanks to those who actually dropped some coinage my way via PayPal.  (If I don’t credit by name that’s because my default is always on anonymity. Seems a foul thank-you to expose someone to all the world unless they specifically ask. The Internet is a weird and mean place at times. A little paranoia is good safety sense.)

It’s in the proofreader’s queue now. I’ll be doing my own proofing at home, maybe in a week when I can get sufficient psychic distance. Let’s hope we can get this out on an the streets in time for peak summer reading season.