Thursday, May 29, 2014

Banjo Metal Apocalypse for a Brighter Day!

So, what’s trending with the Propaganda Ministry in the news today? An aging actress says something stupid that pisses off stupid people too stupid to say, “Fuck her, she’s stupid” and let it go, Edward Snowden reveals himself on national TV to be the dissembling poser most of us knew he was after all. And this. This video actually inspired and energized me. It helps that this guy knows how to shoot and edit a video. Stick around for the crescendo — with spoons!

The hell of it is, I’ve never been a big fan of metal. I respect the technical prowess required for a proper shred, but it all seemed like thin soup to me: bang your head to the shred, that’s it. The lyrics remind me of the shit I wrote in my notebooks in high school, and that’s never a good thing. I need a song to carry me through the day, “sounds that recognize the pain in me,” as the old ‘90s pop song goes.

In this case I’ll take the sharp, calculating intelligence and raging energy I recognize in this and make the most of my day. Fuck a bunch of Throwback Thursday. Let’s move forward for a goddamned change. Think we can do that?

That this man is playing banjo to Slayer and doing it exceptionally well implies that possibility.
This photo is an old Internet Classic by itself.