Monday, April 08, 2013

State of the Apocalypse, Stardate Four-Eight-Thirteen

This is one of those scenarios that at once makes you proud for your own dedication to your work while making you question your overall mental health. That is, I awoke at 7:15 a.m. on Friday with this weird sense of urgency: I haven’t updated my hero’s name in the chapters online! And that hot-pink sunrise cover is worthless, I need something else. And, heck, while I’m here....

So I spent the weekend retrofitting the novel. It’s helped tremendously in bringing unity to my overall narrative, especially as I’m about to bring everything to a head at the Final Boss.

I got a better looking cover out of it, too. I still need to add zombies, but it’s on the right track.

Just add zombies!
Of course, I had to put this everywhere my old cover art was, including the chapters I’d taken down and reverted to Draft mode because looking at the Drafts in Preview mode helps me edit the Word document. Which enabled me to further tighten the laces on the narrative leading up to my Boss Fight. I’m a little twitchy for not having written any new scenes, but it’s nice knowing where I am. And damned if that new cover isn’t a kick in the psychic pants!

This is good, because I had issues getting up this morning and it helped looking at it again. I’ve got to finish this thing up and soon. Too much of this good thing is gonna kill me.

Oh, and did I mention I changed name of the town in Act Two from Salina to Natalia? There was too much in the real-life Salina I wasn’t using (e.g., a frozen pizza processing plant, a military school, an old Air Force base turned into a municipal airport, etc.) and I was making up everything in the town anyway.

One more week, I tell myself. Just one more week. And then I'm fighting zombies in Colorado in The Resilient. A change of scenery should do me good.