Saturday, February 16, 2013

More Music for a Saturday Night Zombie Apocalypse

After a sterling Saturday emceeing the Jazz and Poetry presentation for Black History Month at the US Air Force Academy—imagine me in a suit actually interacting with people—it’s back to the basement to get Bleeding Kansas moving in the direction I got it pointed in at 2 a.m. this morning. I’ve set up the stakes and all that will be lost. Now it’s time to set about losing them, with satisfactory degrees of style and drama and good old fashioned gore.

We need some suitably dark and frenetic music for this, and “Red Flags and Long Nights” by She Wants Revenge from their self-titled 2006 album is our sine qua non for tonight’s activity. For what it’s worth, I’m royally off-with-my-head raging at myself for not ripping my own MP3 to a static photo of the album cover. This is the best I could find sound-wise, so please never mind the artsy-fartsy, pseudo-sexy B&W photos of bulimic chicks in red underwear. 

I often like to think of She Wants Revenge as “Bauhaus 2006,” because that’s the sound this former hip-hop duo were going for, and sho ‘nuff got. However, given that they outdid Bauhaus on that entire album for dark, banging, rhythmic gothic rock on their self-titled album, it’s really a disservice to She Wants Revenge to refer to them as such, even if the lead singer sounds exactly like Bauhaus’ breakout star Peter Murphy. Which, I hasten to add, is a studio effect—there are a couple of live videos out there in which you hear how the singer really sounds. Good stuff, but not quite as compelling as the original album track.

So it’s time to pour the wine, crack an ale, and get to work. Minimize the vid to your taskbar and crank the audio. Unless, that is, malnourished young women with legs you can floss your teeth with turn you on. Hell, I’m writing a zombie apocalypse trilogy and this grosses me out!