Wednesday, November 30, 2016

November’s Leftover Cats

...are prepping for their first Christmas at Big Pink.

I’m always taking happysnaps of these furry kibble bandits, looking for a theme to tie them together so I’ll have an excuse to post them. The notion of “leftovers” absolves me of such issues. So we’ll start with this fine photo of Lily the Puff atop my PC tower, looking away into eternity. Or at the bug outside the window.

Then we have our midnight stray out of Monte Vista and this blog’s biggest star (other than my zombies, of course), Miss Bella Luna. Her “Sixteen Views of a Kitten on My Lap” shoot was one of my most popular posts this month. This photo is in another light, namely, the one behind my desk, as the sun is down.

Making the bed in the morning often involves inconveniencing two or more of the Five Fluffies of the Apocalypse, as they like to make camp where our warm bodies were. Here, we see Jack and Luna giving me the stinkeye while elderkitty Otis snoozes on.

Luna is already the size of a normal-sized cat, which means, like our other cats, she’s going to be bigger than normal-sized. Here, she shows off her remarkably symmetrical markings. I like how her stripes become leopard spots on her belly. Jack provides the yang to the yin, or whatever, in this shot.

Here’s Jack, proving once again what a unique challenge it is to photograph a black cat. I’ve got so many shots of him sitting thus on the arm of my chair. This overexposed shot is the only one that reveals his eyes.

I wish this was better focused so I could make a proper meme of it. Cats always look like they’re about to take someone’s head off when they yawn.

“Okay, everyone go home now. Time to get ready for Christmas!”