Sunday, October 23, 2016

Bella Luna and the Ghost in the Window

Are you feeling blocked? Blocked in the sinuses, blocked in the creative zone? Pick up the camera and start happysnappin’.

It’s either Luna, Puff, or Mick in my south-facing office window, and sometimes two of the three, one for each side. Today, our newest addition, Bella Luna, a.k.a. Household Feline Unit #5, contemplates the ghost rising from the pumpkin there, but not for long. There is always something going on when you’re a kitten.

I later removed the ghost and pumpkin from the window and put it on my desk, where I figured it would be safer. I’ve had this decoration for years, but never saw this Sharpie’d inscription on the bottom before.

This was one of those gifts a teacher buys an early elementary school student. I like to think little Sara was in first grade in the year 2000, which would make her the same age as my grown daughter.

Again, however, I’ve had this for years, so apparently the sentiment wasn’t enough to keep this from being dumped at the second-hand store before Sara was out of her teens. 

I’m a little sad to see this, but what the hell. Thanks, Mrs. Mulock, wherever you are. As with Bella Luna, dumped off in the middle of the night near our house, your gift will have a good home. In this case, it’s on the desk of a minor internationally published horror writer who needs to sign off and get cracking on finishing that last book in his series.
Alas, that means I need to move you.

Happy Halloween!