Sunday, October 18, 2015

13 Days Until Halloween

Let’s hope this kid’s teeth haven’t come in yet.
This young mother and child are here to sound the Two Week Warning that Halloween is around the leaf-blown, metaphorical corner. Get decorated, get stoked, get that treat bowl filled! 

I’m yelling at myself as much as I am anyone. Writing the the final chapters of an epic zombie series does tend to take up metaphysical RAM. I’ve been happy enough to watch the slow, one-week-off-schedule turning of the leaves. I might run a sweetly maudlin photo essay later featuring all of these trees I won’t be around to see bud again—that is, if all goes according to plan, and we sell the house and move.

Meanwhile, it’s a fine October afternoon. You only get 31 of these in a year. Let’s enjoy this while it lasts.