Tuesday, September 08, 2015

Adventures in Writing Zombie Adventure: Twisted Love

This is one of those paragraphs you rattle off, then look at, then look at again, and say What?

I look into the mirror on the back bar. I don’t know anywhere else to look. It helps with the poker face. Holy crap, what was this woman like when she was younger and single, before the military, her husband’s suicide, and having to shoot the reanimated corpse of her little boy twisted her up like a toy balloon into the woman I love today?

Whoa, I’m a cosmic dumpster fire of ultraviolet prose this morning. Just thought I’d share. Getting ready to close Chapter 24, move on to 25, and one of the most horrifying scenes I’ll ever write. 

The art below, by my wife, Cynthia, depicts the woman in question. You can read about how Derek “Dead Silencer” Grace met Agnes Joan McIntire and her monster truck in Grace Among the Dead