Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Surf: Terry Border’s BENT OBJECTS

First in what will likely be a very short series about Sites I Like.

While drinking and surfing the Internet, I often come across images I like that I automatically download with no regard for who did them. That happened with this image right here. I knew it would be a hit on my Facebook page.

I’m especially impressed by the gloating expression on the one-eyed zombie in the middle.

Hard to resist for a guy who writes zombie fiction, amirite?

Look at this, though. Someone took the trouble to make these objects and photograph them. This wasn’t something someone gundecked at the coffee table while half-bored watching Game of Thrones. Note the morbid color of the zombie peanuts versus the healthy victim. Note the carefully graded background lighting, the texture of the surface the objects stand on, the placement of those objects in the photo.

The least I could do was a reverse image search (right click on the image with your mouse, if you don’t know), find out who did this, give them credit—and maybe get a better resolution image out of the deal. 

And so it was that I found Terry Border and his Bent Objects page. Border has another page set up for selling prints and whatever, but Bent Objects is where he cuts loose.
FEAR the WALKING BREAD. The necrotic look of the zombie bread is squick-a-licious.

You can follow Terry Border on Facebook and on Twitter. He has what looks to be a couple of truly charming and whimsical children’s books, so check those out if you’re in the market for some non-corporate franchise fun.

The feel of Border’s work reminds me a lot of the Penny Cartoons from Pee-wee’s Playhouse, which I know helps absolutely no one, so click the above links already. While indulging my guilt, I learned Border had a picture of his used by George Takei without credit. Border wrote a blog post saying all he wanted was a little love, i.e., recognition. I say to heck with that. Buy his books, send him money. Love may be what he wants, but we all know what he needs to keep the good work coming.

Sermon over. Now get off the computer and go outside. Don’t waste a pretty day.