Sunday, March 29, 2015

Palm Sunday Jam: “Heaven and Hell” by The Who

On Palm Sundays, at the Episcopal church I attended back in the mid-to late 1970s, you’d get a little strip of palm leaf (or something like it) looped into the shape of a cross, with a stick-pin to attach it to your Palm Sunday best. You took it home and stuck it into a door jamb, or pinned it to your curtain. It was a nice little bonus for attending. 

Anyway, here’s a thunderously majestic hymn by The Who appropriate to the occasion, from what it considered by some to be the greatest live rock album of all time, Live at Leeds. Listen to John Entwistle’s manic bass, Keith Moon’s non-stop explosive drumming, and Pete Townshend’s manic guitar, and marvel at how three people playing solo at once come together into one hard-rocking whole. Enjoy this relic from the age of miracles, when giants walked the earth: