Thursday, September 11, 2014

To Lovers of Horror and Zombies in the UK

So, this is me, and I’ve written a couple of zombie apocalypse novels set in the good ol’ United States of ‘Murica. So?

All I can say is check out the first chapters on the Amazon pages. I write English like someone who has a read a few books himself, and knows what they’re supposed to look like. It’s American English, but better than you get from most Americans. 

Also, unlike many of my fellow American zombie writers, I’m not obsessed with hardware and weapons. My philosophy is, if you pick up a power drill to pierce the skull and scramble the brains of a deader, do you care how many revolutions per second the drill bit spins? You will not have to hack through entire paragraphs on the grains and stopping power of the rounds employed by the police-issue Fartknocker .666 in comparison with the [author’s fave firearm here], which the hero would prefer, since he put it to such good use in [insert contemporary warzone here].

My hero, Derek Grace, is NOT former military. My hero doesn’t draw on his memories of his time in Iraqistan to know what to do. He has to figure things out on the go. It’s his rage against the pre-apocalypse world that drives him, and the sheer terror inspired by what the world has become. If Derek Grace’s panga blade swings sharp and true it’s because he’s afraid to stop. His fear works for him, however—as a middle-aged professional shut out of the New Economy, with his family on the brink of homelessness, Grace knew fear everyday. That is my hero’s edge. 

What did you say?
With that said, I intend no disrespect to firearms enthusiasts or the military. I would love to afford a couple of quality handguns and do some time on the range with my son. I just wanted to do something different from everything else I’d been reading in this genre. For all I know, making my hero non-military and leaving out the Guns and Ammo porn is a fatal error with an American audience.

How about you?

As I said, go check out the sample pages. Bleeding Kansas and Grace Among the Dead are straight-up action and adventure tales in a world ruled by the living dead. These books are not self-published. Both Severed Press and Luzifer-Verlag publish my work, the latter providing German translation for that market. 

So what else? Well, these are brutal, ugly tales, with lots of undead mayhem and a few shenanigans on the part of the living, too. You like horror? You like zombies? You like a hero who isn’t a former Special Forces superhero with an arsenal of who cares what? 

Have I got an apocalypse for you: 

Book 1 has ONE exploding headon its cover.
Book 2 has TWO exploding heads.
See the pattern here?