Thursday, September 19, 2013

The German-Language Version of BLEEDING KANSAS Is Now Available!

I’m impressed with how quickly this got done. I’d love to meet the translator and ask him or her how they worked around my American idioms. If nothing else, I hope Derek Grace’s sour-snarky attitude towards Life in These United States ca. 2013 translated well for a people and a nation with their own problems.

Photo from one of my favorite foreign news sites, Der Spiegel.
Click here to see read their English language article
 on how to get the most out of your Oktoberfest experience.
Which is all to say I hope I sell a metric ton of books to Germans, who will like it enough to bring me over to the ancestral homeland just so they can have a look at me and see if I’m really for real. So I in turn can see Germany. Also, I’d really love to go to Oktoberfest. I’ve got to do that at least once before I die. I want to go there with my son, dress in the lederhosen, and ogle me some frauleins....

Anyway, it’s been a lovely, chill fall day. Here’s hoping your day was at least tolerable. It’s all I can ask for most days myself.

So it for the cover alone!.
Oh, and on the off-off chance anyone’s interested, the link to purchase the German edition from publisher Luzifer-Verlag is here. I recommend looking at the site if only for the stunning cover art on their books. I’m waiting to see if they offer Bleeding Kansas with the cover art on a special flash drive. I’ll have to get a shadow box for that and the paperback.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t offer the American version to the uninitiated. Sorry about the cover. That one is all my fault. It’s a delightfully cynical and mean-spirited little tale, though. It’s on the inside what counts! Ask any zombie chewing on a length of long pig chitlin!

UPDATE: The intrepid translator making sense of Bleeding Kansas to German readers is Torsten Scheib. Look for the link to his blog Scheib’s Shit on the “Other Voices in the Wilderness” column on the right. As of this writing he's finishing translation of my second book, Grace Among the Dead.