Saturday, January 05, 2013

Steve Earl Ain’t Ever Satisfied

I’ve always had trouble with post-holiday season letdown, and my blues were such that I’ve put all resolutions on hold for tonight, Twelfth Night, that I might crack some cold ones and sing/howl along with my music turned up loud. The New Year will get going in earnest on the 7th—and it’s just now as I write this that I realize what a long Christmas season this has been. After so many years of late starts, Thanksgiving fell on 22 November, and the media marketing machines were in full hum well before that. No wonder. A clear case of Too Much of a Good Thing.

I need to get on with my catharsis and closure, so I leave you with one of my All-Time Favorite Songs by one of my all-time favorite Americans, Steve Earle. Here he is with the Dukes, with the ultimate wail-along from their cliché-beating sophomore album, Exit 0God, the way the piano player brings the drama home at the coda gets me every time.

Happy Twelfth Night! “If music be the food of love, play on.”