Tuesday, January 23, 2018

My Patreon Pitch

I’ve been worrying over the Microsoft Word file for months. Only tonight does it occur to me—what if I put this thing up on the rack in my blog, where the finished product was going anyway?

Hello, I’m Lawrence Roy Aiken, author THE SAGA OF THE DEAD SILENCER zombie apocalypse series, which so far includes BLEEDING KANSAS and GRACE AMONG THE DEAD. 

A series of setbacks over the last couple of years has delayed the production of my third and last book. That’s many long stories I’ll be happy to tell on my upcoming podcast. As it is, I’m back on track with the writing, and here on Patreon to ask for your support. 

As I am entirely new to this, I’ll be working out the rewards as I go. If you can’t commit to a monthly schedule, I’ve got a PayPal account. Anything you can give, however you give it, is greatly appreciated. Thanks for watching. Enjoy the show.


I’ve been trying to force myself to sit down and write the above since last summer. How long will it take for me to do the video I need to do, plus get those podcasts going?

UPDATE: The ninth take of the video was the charm. It’s not the exact words, but my memorization is still fuzzy, and it was important I got this in one take without sounding or looking like I was reading from something.

My Patreon went live at 1356 hours (GMT-7). Now on to those podcasts I was talking about.