Wednesday, January 06, 2016

Epiphanies on the Fly in Serial Fiction Killing

In a previous post I grumped that Chapter 2 of The Wrong Kind of Dead wasn’t getting as much love as Chapter 1. I blamed the lack of interest on a Friday release and resolved to do chapters once a week.

Yet it turns out people are discovering Chapter 2, albeit at a slower pace. Let’s face it, like the second day of the year, or the day after Christmas, it’s hard to get excited for Big Number Two. Also, that Friday release—hell, everyone knows government and business interests release bad news on a Friday because they know it’ll get buried.

Although it can be grossly overdone as it was in Season 2,
interpersonal conflict among survivors is necessary. No conflict,
no story: the conflict colors the characters so you know enough
about them to give a damn when they are threatened.
And, as I sales trainer I know puts it, let’s be Disarmingly Honest: my latest posting, Chapter 3, is one of those People Arguing chapters in which the zombies are mentioned in passing, and not seen doing their zombie thing, not even in flashback. I hate this in The Walking Dead, and I know you do, too, even if the narrative requires the side-conflict by way of tightening the narrative noose, and making character deaths more poignant.

So Chapter 4 will go up tomorrow. It has a suitably disturbing scene involving the undead. Chapter 5 has not only been featured here before, it’s this blog’s tenth most-viewed post. Due to its mini-epic length within the Saga, I will re-purpose, refit, and re-post “Oyster Crackers” in its original serial format. I mention this because I know some of you have seen “Oyster Crackers” before, and I don’t want anyone feeling ripped off. My more hardcore readers know I’ve been running excerpts of my work-in-progress all along. This is the first time I’ve decided to serialize the novel from the first chapter on.

So there you have it. No set schedules, just making things up as I go along, adapting to the changing battlefield. Some things will never change. 

Happy reading. I also have some completed works available for the price of a good, stiff drink, if you’re interested.
As seen in GRACE AMONG THE DEAD. Artwork by Cynthia J. Aiken.