Friday, April 03, 2015

State of the Apocalypse, First Quarter 2015 After-Action Report

Still making more sense than Google Blogger’s metrics.
I went to bed Tuesday night somewhat bummed out that I’d ended the month of March with all of five posts, none particularly epic. My pageviews were at a new low since they first picked up over the three-digit mark in 2013.

So what did I expect? I’d made my choices. As I really want the conclusion to THE SAGA OF THE DEAD SILENCER out in time for summer, I put everything I had into writing The Wrong Kind of Dead

Then I got up the morning to see I got 212 hits at around five in the morning here at GMT -7, a lot of them from...France?

Was this some sort of April Fool’s joke?

Google Blogger numbers are always weird; I have no idea why it should be so hard to put a few lines of code to accurately count numbers from repeat visitors, unique visitors, etc. My all-time pageview stats are always changing. Many pages lose views as the overall pageview count increases.

In this case, I couldn’t tell where those 212 pageviews went here on my blog. No one page had any appreciable number of hits. There is no accounting for what anyone was looking at.

It may or may not be a coincidence that I sold copies of Bleeding Kansas and Grace Among the Dead in the same time frame. However I got them, wherever I got them, as long as I got something, I’m grateful for it.
Stasis is the Great Satan.

Inspired by one of the more tireless bloggers I know from Twitter, I was excited at the idea of starting a horror-only blog. This enthusiasm lasted for about a week. I realized I barely just enough content to run the general-interest one I already have here. I’m not bitching about politicians or current events. I only have so many excerpts I can run from my books. 

What content I do have needs to be in another format. For reasons I can’t describe, let alone understand, I’ve been slow to attack the microphone and really bury myself in voice recording, effects, and production of quality short audio readings. 

I know what I have to do. I’ve just got to get the right fire under me.

Yutte Stensgaard in Lust for a Vampire. She’s here’s because,
a) she’s hot, and, b) she’s a sloppy eater, just like a zombie.
That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.
Meanwhile, The Wrong Kind of Dead is nothing short of fucking spectacular, and I’m only halfway through. I’ve got ideas that very well might take the zombie apocalypse thriller genre into places no one’s thought to take it before.  Again, though, I’m only halfway through, and I want this thing available at the start of June.

Hey, no pressure right?

The main takeaway is that this is what I’m excited about. I’m exploring the wider world of the Final Flu and its effects, and sending THE SAGA OF THE DEAD SILENCER off with a proper bang.

If you’ve read this far and want to read zombie stuff, go to the search box in the upper left hand corner of my page and type in “zombies,” without the quotes. I like to think I have better stuff than most here. I’m just not getting as much of it up on my blog as I like right now. Soon, though. Soon.