Sunday, December 28, 2014

Links to Zombie Fiction Excerpts

You may have read these already, but in case you’re new here and you haven’t....

While I pull myself together after yet another holiday overindulgence, it stands to reason I could at least put a page of links together for those poor souls who have not read the novel excerpts I’ve been running over the first three weeks of December.

The first two series describe the Dark Resurrection as witnessed by Derek Grace in Bleeding Kansas:

As the Dead Begin to Rise, Part I

In the Night Kitchen, Part I

As always, follow the link at the bottom of each page to get to the next part.

 The third series, which I had run first because I had just written it and was excited about it, describes the Dark Resurrection as witnessed by the women who will later come into Derek Grace’s life. This excerpt was from the still-in-progress The Wrong Kind of Dead.

Oyster Crackers, Part I

Subtitled “A Winter’s Tale with Zombies,” it’s a seasonal treat.

There are other zombie-fighting action pieces from my books and even one aborted project floating around the site. You could spend the better part of an evening hunting them down. Or you could get one or both of my books, and hunker down with a couple of full-course zombie meals, as opposed to scattered appetizers.

Anyway, happy Last Sunday of 2014. I hate myself for not getting outside to walk this afternoon, especially with the super-cold weather moving in tonight. At least I’m not too debilitated to knock out some pages. Hell, it’s the best therapy I know for whatever’s got me down.

I’ve got a lot to get over so let’s get to it.