Sunday, December 07, 2014

First Sunday in December, One Week Out from Thanksgiving

I feel the need to preach. To myself. I need to hear this from somebody....

I seriously need to get rich so I can eat like this more
than twice a year.
Somewhere in my rum-and-Coke Zero fog last night, I realized Thanksgiving weekend was only a week ago. Like, last week. This struck me almost as a physical blow. I’ve never had a week “feel” this long before.

Several things are at play here. I have to remind myself the changes are for the best. That I need to work smarter, not harder. That if I’m going to actually enjoy this Christmas coming up I should get my shopping done this week while the weather is still nice. I don’t want to be hating on Christmas because my lazy ass got ambushed by the calendar. I’m just stupid enough to do that, and I need to work smarter, not harder. 

Work smarter, not harder. This needs to be a theme.

Unless that growth is book sales, That shit needs
to metastasize like hot death itself.
After the worst month for my blog in over a year, I've had my best week since I-forgot-when. My Twitter stats shocked all hell out of me. Yet my book sales ground to a near halt. It’s always some damn trade-off, it seems.

But that’s what it seems, not what it is. I need to keep building relationships among the Twitterites. I need to look at leveraging some other social media platforms that aren’t Facebook or LinkedIn. I need to get more fiction excerpts up.

I need to remember my gratitude. Seventy-three years ago today, when this date fell on a Sunday morning, our service personnel stationed out in paradise learned the world doesn’t give a fuck if it’s Sunday morning and you’re hungover. Battle stations, boys.

Shit can always be worse. Takes no time at all to get that way, either. 

Be grateful. Be aware. Never give up. The lesson is yours.