Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December Music That Has Nothing To Do with Christmas: “Wouldn’t It Be Good” by Nik Kershaw

Do they even include the “Music Television”
line beneath the logo anymore? 
I’d never seen the video until today. I understand it was in heavy rotation on MTV back in those magical days before The Real World killed the video star. (It’s true, kids, I was there. All music videos, all the time. People would run the TV in the background in lieu of the radio.) I’d prefer not to run this official promotional video, but the alternative was a YouTube music track with lyrics on the screen. 

Trust me, you do NOT want to be the slightest bit aware of these painfully banal lyrics. They take away from the melody, another bit of big-synth, big-fake-sound-80s redeemed by that curious touch of melancholy.

[1984] Nik Kershaw - Wouldn’t It Be Good

This actually does have something to do with Christmas for me, as the first time I’d heard it was over the radio on Christmas Eve 1984, thirty years ago.  It was a particularly sad and disastrous season for me, which began with me being dumped on Thanksgiving night by the last woman who would break my heart. 

Most guys I know have one of those, the ex-girlfriend/wife who taught them the painful consequences of making a woman his be-all, end-all. I took my breakup so hard I don’t even remember Christmas Day that year. Just that I’d heard this song on Christmas Eve, and I missed her so badly I thought it was possible I might actually die of it. God knows I wanted to. 

Ah, youth. In the spirit of Unending Gratitude, I’m grateful I got that dumb shit out of the way before I was 24. And that now this song is nothing more than a nice melody that reminds of a lost Christmas. Just don’t pay close attention to the lyrics. Jesus, they’re stupid.