Thursday, November 06, 2014

Better Than the Movie

Those who have seen Mike Judge’s 2006 sci-fi satire film Idiocracy know that, 500 years from now, the top movie in the USA will be a film called Ass. It will be several hours of a static shot of buttocks that so amuses the debased sensibilities of our debased future citizenry, it will win multiple Oscars.

How's this for irony, though? This will be based on very high-brow source material, namely, the vision of one Pablo Picasso:

The tweeter re-tweeted in my Twitter feed where I found this noted, “If you ever worry over your artistic choices, just remember Picasso once drew a picture of a butt.” The hell of this is he probably got paid a small fortune for this, something he was likely attempting to convey in as few lines as possible.

Most of us don't have our personal brands so well established. Note how Picasso's very signature becomes part of the composition of this piece...of ass!