Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Banned in the UK!

That’s what it looked like, anyway. Three days straight without a sale. It got better, but damn! I know Grace Among the Dead is set in Colorado, but there’s got to be a way I can appeal to the UK zombies market. U.S.-based novels do sell over there, and I know mine is better written than most.

Normally, when a new book comes out, buyers flock to the new and drop the old. Yet Bleeding Kansas is still selling more-or-less steadily while Grace Among the Dead is having difficulty finding traction.

“Like I’ve got traction on you, my little beefsteak!”

Well, hell, we’re just getting started. Yesterday—two days ago, Severed Press time—Grace Among the Dead came out in paperback. No reviews yet, which is just as well. The haters have been busy with everyone I know. I suspect a lot of these reviews, which read suspiciously similar, are courtesy of lesser authors whose best chance to get their crap looked at is by making sure the superior product gets shoved aside.  I don’t know if this is actually helping their sales, but it is hobbling ours. 

Ah, spite! It’s a word you don’t hear much anymore, but the concept rules much of  human interaction.

I’ve yet to put out a call for good reviews on my Facebook page. I’m stopping short of doing that here. Meanwhile, I’ve taken on another temp assignment. It’s at the same university bookstore where I spent the Christmas holidays. This should carry me through the middle of next month, when regular school starts, and the summer is as good as over.

I don’t know what it is about these gigs, but no matter how short the hours, I come home with no desire to do any real work, whether it’s writing The Wrong Kind of Dead, putting together promotional material, or writing blog posts. If I want to be in a position where I can turn down all but the most lucrative temp assignments, I’ve got to find a way to buck this toxic lethargy.

Challenge accepted. I’m sick of my life shutting down in the face of Stuff Coming Up. Here’s hoping you’re feeling the same.