Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Heads Up

...for Coming Distractions. Summertime Hygiene, Part 2

This morning I get up and find I’m being followed on Twitter by Hygiene Tips. (@DailyHygiene). If this doesn’t have something to do with my writing a post called “Summertime Hygiene” yesterday and posting the link on Twitter, then it’s an extraordinary coincidence. What makes it even more remarkable is the word “hygiene” wasn’t in the tweet or in the shortened bit.ly link. That was one seriously sharp crawler bot that caught that. I’m guessing it decoded the bit.ly.

So I followed back, as is the custom. My Twitter feed isn’t overloaded with “wash your hands after taking a dump” tweets, so that’s good. I imagine these tweets read to me in Jim Parsons’ voice as Dr. Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory, so that’s even better. 
“No, Sheldon, this is fascinating! Tell us another!”

Best of all, it’s a goddamned relief after months of watching Patton Oswalt baiting social justice twits before going out of his way to prove he’s more sensitive to all of them before live-tweeting some idiotic awards show/Hip New Sexy-Violent Cable TV Drama.

That’s a blog post for another time, so heads up.

Friends of mine on Facebook know I sometimes re-use posts I make there for the blog. Most times when I post to Facebook, it should have been a blog post to begin with.

This is a heads-up that I expect to do a some Facebook mining for posts, if only to boost my post count for the year. Although I seem to be on track for 200 posts as per my goal at the beginning  of the year, I really let it go last month. I need to pick up the pace, not for the sake of pageviews, but because if you’re a writer, blogging is part and parcel of what you do. As a former football coach said about tackling drills, “Ain’t no way around it. You got to learn to hit and take a hit!”

In February I was actually getting the hang of it. Then I dropped off. By the beginning of March I was starting to panic in regards to Grace Among the Dead, as I’d expected to have the book finished by then.

This summer is going to be all about learning time management for me. This time for sure, Rocky!


Today my son completed his junior year of high school. Summer 2014 will be his last summer between grade-school years. After that—what?

Something else, obviously. For now, this is the summer of football camps, weightlifting, mowing lawns, Colorado Wing Civil Air Patrol encampment, and driving my Jeep with the top off.

Which all means I need to pay special attention to what goes on, because this is my last chance to enjoy all this vicariously through him. Next stop: mundane adult concerns. We’re already trying to figure stuff out, like how to get him using his own talents for himself as opposed to making money for some asshole corporation that won’t pay him what he’s worth. We don’t have the kind of money to enjoy the protracted adolescence until 30 most people complain about. If my son goes to college, it’s because someone else is paying for him. Student loans are out of the question.
Yet another shelf in my office that needs dusting.

Back to the hygiene theme, I’m in the process of shredding all my drafts of Grace Among the Dead. The door inside my office is clear for the first time in years.

There’s much dusting and carpet shampooing to be done. I get tired thinking about it, so I’ll stop here.

Anyway, so I’m going to start posting shit for the sake of posting shit until I get the hang of proper blogging again. Like this.

Heads up. We’ll get through this.