Saturday, June 07, 2014

For Those Working in the Yard This Saturday

It’s the seventh day of June and 63 degrees Fahrenheit at 11 a.m. here on the north side of Colorado Springs. Overcast and damp, too. At least the chill will prevent the clouds from boiling up into the severe thunderstorms that have been tormenting the eastern Colorado high plains for the last couple of days. Still, this is most unnatural for this time of year. If my windows are closed at this time of day, this time of year, it’s to keep the heat out.

Assuming apocalyptic  Wrath o’ God™ thunderstorms aren’t keeping you indoors where you are, here’s a handy guide for when you’re out pushing the mower:

I’m pleased to report I have seen actual bees in my yard. This is no small thing, given that pesticides have been killing great numbers of the one creature we depend upon to keep crops growing. (Thanks, Monsanto!)

I realize most people freak out at the mere mention of spiders but I watched a wasp fly into a web, sting the fuck out of the spider, and haul its paralyzed body away to eat it while it still lived. Wasps are nasty pieces of work.

Today would be ideal to go on dandelion search-and-destroy and hack away at those pernicious Chinese elms popping up around the west side of the house. Maybe later. I’ve got a second book to comb through for errors and a third book yet to fully block out.

I’ve never been much of an outdoors person. Y’all have fun, though.