Friday, June 06, 2014

First Friday in June: A Devotional

I took off just before 9 p.m. for a grocery run. I didn’t really need to do it right then but it’s the one time I’ve been out all day, and too much time in the house makes me (more) weird and anti-social. Even if I don’t want to talk to anyone—thank the dark gods for self-checkout!—I need to rub shoulders with my fellow primates. Metaphorically, and at a distance. 

Anyway, I had to get out, and I’m glad I did. The drive got a little scary when those three teenagers in dark clothes and white shoes (which saved their asses) cut out into the four-lane  just around the corner on Briargate Boulevard. The teenage boys in groups of threes and fives were out in force, stalking the sidewalks, looking to meet up, score weed, shoot the shit. As it was in the 1970s when I stalked the neighborhood at night, so it is in the twenty-teens, or whatever the fuck they’ll call this decade.

The ladies were out, too.

Not the teenage ones. The women. At the Woodmen and Lexington King Sooper’s I saw a vision rocking denim shorts, and a layered tank top from which her tanned femininity arose like twin suns above a most lovely and blessed realm. I felt honored by the gods themselves to have beheld such a sight.

Then I went to the liquor store for a sixer of pale ale and as I passed one after another in the aisles I thought, Where the hell have these creatures been the last seven-plus years I’ve lived here? So much young blood—you really don’t see much of it in Colorado Springs, come to think of it. For the most part, this is a town of middle-aged to elderly old farts whose kids take off to somewhere else as soon as they’re out of high school.  

So I got some goodies and came home, the summertime air blowing beneath my ragtop.

The weather’s nice. I can afford beer. Doesn’t cost a thing to look (but learn a little discretion, you fucking lech). I drive a long-since paid-for Jeep. I ain’t got much, but I loves my little yellow Jeep. We go way back....

Goddamn, but it feels good to be alive for a change!

Thank you, Evening of 6 June 2014, north Colorado Springs.

Serendipity is the name of my Muse.