Sunday, June 22, 2014

A Random Rant About Something the Pope Recently Did

For one thing, about damn time. Contrary to popular mythology—and I say this as someone who loves the first two Godfather movies—those who make up the Mafia are not glorious Nietzschean supermen, bringing justice to those corners of society a decadent and corrupt “society of laws” won’t bother with. They’re brutal, bullying assholes who have made life miserable for generations of Italians, smearing their entire nationality in the bargain. 

For another, what took so long? So Pope John Paul complained once in 1993 and got his papal residence bombed for his trouble. Why didn’t he press on? Why did not one of his predecessors make any noise? Why did we have to wait until 20-fucking-14 for this?

I realize the Catholic Church is going through a major rebranding—we’ve got us a regular “People’s Pope” shaking his finger at the Evil Rich and possibly lightening up on the gay thing, if not weed—well, given that Pope Francis did shake his finger at the rich people, I suppose taking on the Mafia is just as daring. 

Any excuse to run a Matt Dixon piece. She’s rocking a nun’s
headgear, so she’s Catholic, right? Art Copyright 2014 © by Matt Dixon
But so what? The Mafia isn’t going anywhere. The rich are going to continue gutting the planet while working us poor slaves to death—if they don’t poison us with the toxic byproducts of their industries first. But, hey, the Pope stood up and told them they were bad, so it’s okay. Come on back to the Church, kids. We’ll tell you whatever we think you want to hear.

That’s all this ever was about. Rebranding. I like the changed tone, but as with Obama succeeding Bush II, the tone is all that has changed. The kids are still getting molested. Guantanamo is still open for business; the wars winding down on Rumsfeld’s original schedule. So the gay folk get thrown a few concessions. That’s nice. Really, it is. 

Meanwhile, everything else is going up but your pay. We also have a Let’s Hate On the Muslims Real Hard This Time (Boko Haram! ISIS!) campaign going on in the media which makes me wonder if the powers that be are testing the waters for a new military operation.

Still, that’s fucking hilarious about the Mafia. I’m sure they’re sweating. Not.