Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Safe in My Basement, Adding Highlights and Color to the Apocalypse

It’s chilly and blustery on the Front Range about Pikes Peak this penultimate day of April. It’s toasty warm in the basement, though, and look! Breakfast!

Let’s tuck in:

Three eggs, a bit of sliced white onion, mushrooms, and orange pepper, with four slices from what must be the most brutally hot jalapeño I’ve encountered in all my decades of eating them. Fortunately, the addition of a slice of regular American cheese not only brought all of this together, it mitigated the blistering scorch of that jalapeño. There was just enough heat to open my sinuses and bring a sheen of sweat to my face and my scalp, but not so much that I might as well pour gasoline on it, set it on fire, and try to eat it that way. 

Bless my wife for her genius in coming up with this particular plate of morning Genius Fuel. With this, a few mugs of black coffee, a working four-color pen, multi-color Sharpies, varying sizes of sticky notes...honestly, I have no excuses. The only thing standing between these 250+ pages of Grace Among the Dead and its adoring public is me. I must be iron like the skillet that cooked this masterpiece, that I may prepare my own plate of crunchy, gooey, hot delicious apocalypse for you all!

Or something. Let’s get to work already....