Sunday, March 02, 2014

Last Call for Zombie Haul! An Epic Novel for the Price of an i-Song!

The Amazon Countdown sale is about counted out!

There are only 27 hours left in the sale for Bleeding Kansas. By Tuesday the Kindle price goes back up to $2.99, which still ain’t bad.

What blows me away, though, is learning that the old paperback edition, which featured Mean, Misanthropic Derek Grace, is no longer the only paperback out there. It turns out the New! Improved! Bleeding Kansas with the head-exploding cover, Derek Grace 2.0, and fewer dead special-needs children is also available in paperback. Since we didn’t redo any contracts for this I won’t get comp copies. Never mind, I’ll buy it. $10.76 is a flippin’ steal for a trade paperback. 

Hell, the cover is worth that much. I’m convinced my more conventional (as in “stupid 1970s and 1980s mentality”) cover hurt sales as much as anything. It’s dark, digital mayhem or forget about it. Lesson learned.

Overall, though, this is my favorite edition. Errors are corrected, along with some tics of tone and attitude I’ve since outgrown. Bleeding Kansas is less me screaming, “Fuck you, cruel world!” and more properly—and nothing more than—a zombie apocalypse adventure story that moves like a bullet train of world-eating death.

Many thanks to the kind soul who donated $5.00 via PayPal with the noted purpose of financing the finish of Grace Among the Dead. It’s five less dollars that I have to worry about and I’m grateful for every cent of worry I can shed.

And with that, it’s back to work. I’m rather anxious to see how it all ends myself.