Saturday, March 01, 2014

In Like a Lion

That wasn’t so bad. February, that is. We began with a memorably weird Super Bowl and a thoroughly schooled Denver Broncos, observed the 50th anniversary of The Beatles selling a million guitars and changing the course of modern popular music, had a half-assed decent Valentine’s Day, maybe sold some German language audiobook rights (I need to follow up on that), and roared into the endgame of Grace Among the Dead. I may be behind on this last one, but I’m happy, because the thing is really blossoming into something special. Not short-bus special, either. It’s going to rock, and rock hard when it hits. The more I plug away at it, the more I’m convinced this is the one will break me big.

It should also goose sales for Bleeding Kansas, which have done quite nicely for the month of February, thank you very much. That 99-cent sale is getting me exposure. I like where it’s putting me in the Amazon Kindle rankings. 

March 2014 begins gray and cold in Colorado Springs, with freezing fog and the occasional snowflake. But the sun is blazing in my heart. I owe it to myself to keep giving it reasons to shine.