Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Tuesday Weirdnesses

I do my morning Facebook patrol and see photos of Shirley Temple everywhere. One friend had even appropriated one as her profile picture. Turns out the old broad, who I once read had paved over her lawn because she didn’t want to have to worry over it getting crabgrass, had died overnight.

Two thoughts: She was still alive all this time? and So? The curly-headed child actress who had a non-alcoholic cocktail named after her was over a long, long, long time ago. As of tomorrow everyone will go back to forgetting she existed, and she’ll be really over.

I know a lot of people who ride for the conservative brand but only one of them noted that today is Sarah Palin’s birthday. Don’t cry for her, though, even as her looks have faded along with her media presence. And don’t smirk, either.

Sarah Palin is richer than everyone reading this blog put together. If she wants she can fly herself and her family to Hawaii on a chartered jet, stay at a first class resort, and pay for it all with one 20 minute speech to a Liberty Freedom Don’t Tread on My Constitutionalist Tea Party group. She could do all that right this very instant, if the spirit moved her, while you, poor chump, are probably reading this at work—that is, if you’re lucky enough to have a job. Who’s the big dum-dum now?

In case anyone’s confused, my politics, such as they are, don’t jibe with Sarah Palin’s. I do find it as sad as it is silly, though, when people make fun of her seemingly limited intelligence. It’s been true since the dawn of civilization that, unless you’re a U.S. History teacher, one does not need to know the full details of Paul Revere’s ride to make it in this world. Like George W. Bush, like anyone else, Ms. Palin knows exactly what she needs to know to get by. (Honestly, does it affect anything that you know where Iraq is on a map?) Unlike most of us, she’s done exceedingly well for herself. She wasn't even born into it, like George W. Bush.  

I find great lessons in humility in her story. I’d wish her a Happy Birthday, but she gets by just fine without my good wishes, as she prospers despite your hate. That, and I have to get back to work. As always I’ll count myself blessed I can do what I do and carry on as best I know how.

According to The Beatles’ Facebook timeline, there has been such “interest” in The Night That Changed America: A Grammy Salute to the Beatles that it’s being repeated tomorrow night. But if you really need a woman in an ugly dress to ruin “Yesterday” for you why not go to YouTube and look it up right now?

Broadcast television. How much longer is this going to be a thing? It still amazes me how many people still pay over $100 a month for satellite or cable when you can get everything you ever wanted to see, with the exception of some sporting events, over the Internet. (And as far as sporting events go—find a good sports bar and make an outing of it!)

I suppose I should be grateful I’m not already paying over $100 for my Internet service. I suspect the day isn’t far off, though.

And that was my world according to Facebook this morning. Nobody I cared about died or got hurt so it’s all good. Let’s get to work.