Sunday, February 16, 2014

The Propaganda Ministry’s Week 7 2014 Greatest Hits (Sunday News Roundup)

Funny how this works: I’m spinning wheels like mad trying to go forward with Grace Among the Dead and I’m blasting out one blog post after another. I start getting some traction with my book and suddenly I could give a shit about current events.

Let’s see, what’s been in the news since Thursday? An actress who had a critically favored movie (as opposed to one normal people actually wanted to watch) several years ago “courageously” came out as a lesbian in front of a bunch of other lesbians and gay people. Why? Oh, the usual happy horseshit about being true to herself, etc. It’s only coincidental that she’s been out of the spotlight for years since that critically favored movie, and it so happens she has a new movie she really wants you to see. 

So go see it, because this cute young actress is already filthy rich and connected and it’s not like she’ll lose her job for “coming out,” but she really needs your validation. Or something. I don’t know. Only that I’m unimpressed. Get back to me when you’re in actual danger of something worse than an verbal insult.

The 2014 Winter Olympics are in Sochi this year, which is in Russia. Judging by what’s coming out of the Propaganda Ministry that is the U.S. mass media, the Powers That Be apparently have a vested interested in making sure we all have a proper suspicion and hatred of Russians in general, and Vladimir Putin in particular. Russians are supposedly mean to gay people. Or something. We’re told Putin doesn’t like them. I don’t know. Funny how those Pussy Riot chicks kinda came and went in the news; it’s all about gay people.

And is it really safe in Sochi? Putin supposedly gave all his cronies the contracts which overcharged the Russian taxpayers for building the Olympic facilities, so someone might have cut corners. It seems to me we could be doing three stories a day on three examples of this happening to U.S. taxpayers vis-a-vis Big Dig construction contracts, weapons, the hasn’t-quit-yet Drug War. But we’re supposed to be angry with the Russians in general, for letting this happen to them, and Vladimir Putin in particular because he’s such an asshole. Or something.

From Morbid Anatomy Museum’s Facebook page:
Machina del Mondo, ogn’un cerca di star sopra il compagno;
Etching with hand-colouring, 1675-1710. “A pyramid of ten
persons climbing on top of each other, the poor at the bottom,
the king at the top; Death appears to take them all.”
There was this guy in Florida who lost his shit over loud hip-hop booming out of a car at the gas station so he whipped out his piece and right perforated the son of a bitch, killing one 17-year-old black kid and scaring the holy fuck out of the other three. He got convicted on three of four charges, with the jury deadlocked on whether he actually murdered the kid or acted in self-defense.

People are pissed about this last part because it was so obviously racist and shit but the guy’s going to prison until he’s 105, so what the hell. It beats having people angry at the recession-as-the-new-normal, the hateful way people are treated by employers, the invasive nature of pre-employment “getting to know you” exams, piss tests, etc. Or how the people pay more in fees and local sales taxes when the wealthy and corporations are exempted from paying their share. Etc., etc. Racism! Marriage equality! People smoking marijuana in Colorado! Wheeeeee!

In other news, it’s still winter in New York where the Real People who do the Real Suffering live, so that’s still a feature on the nightly broadcast TV news. I don’t know how it is for you folks out there with cable or satellite and I’m sure I don’t want to know.

The weather was pleasant today in Colorado Springs, a little windy, but it’s melted off a lot of the zero-degree hardened snow and ice from the lawns and the gutters of the streets. I had a real sweet walk today. I’ve got an outline going for the conclusion of Grace Among the Dead. All I have to do is connect the bullet points.

I’ve got a busy week ahead. Sunday night’s as good as any to get started.