Tuesday, February 18, 2014

“It’s Getting Very Near the End” (For the Third Time)

Admittedly, the song is only intermittent in my head. That’s because I’m forcing it. Not like the last two times, when it popped up unbidden as soon as I came to consciousness in the morning, because I knew at the subatomic synaptic level that I was on my last week writing The Roiling River of Dead and Bleeding Kansas.

No reason, save that I’m referencing Poe
which reminded me of this, which made me laugh.
Progress is being made, and I’m forcing that, too. But isn’t it always? I’m terrible with deadlines—the Imp of the Perverse within me is very good at deliberately, and with malice aforethought, ignoring them—but I find myself pushing ahead with the pages. (Word count? Fuck word count! Pros count pages!) Pages that need work, but obsessing over the same 20 pages for six weeks is why I haven’t made any progress for six weeks. Or six months, which was when I might have finished this thing if I’d thrown out my Roiling River of Dead template, and written Grace Among the Dead from the ground up with a revised outline based on Roiling

Which makes no sense to you, and I apologize. The bottom line is, my aversion to deadlines aside, I’ll have Grace Among the Dead‘s e-manuscript in e-editorial at Severed Press by late Sunday night, or I’m going to have a king-hell fit.

It starts with this song, featuring the irreplaceable three-part harmony of George Harrison, John Lennon, and Paul McCartney. I might sign off with “I’m going dark for a few days” but for all I know I may post again in a few hours. Or Friday. Or next week.

The main thing is to see this beautiful thing to the end before it turns sour on me. Gentlemen of the band, take us out of here: