Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Champagne Horrors for a Cough Syrup Budget!

I’m on sale! Shit!

I don’t know whose idea it was—it wasn’t mine—but Bleeding Kansas is currently featured in an Amazon Countdown Sale. For the next five days and so many hours, minutes, etc., you can have a full-blown novel for the price of a short story.

Do I look cheap?
“Black Balloon” Art Copyright © 2014 by Matt Dixon.
Hours of pulse-pounding action, soul-bludgeoning horror, and the kind of all-around messed-up good time only a twisted genius like me could show you — all for next to nothing! What, you don’t have a Kindle? You can download the app for PC or Mac or smartphone for free, and get my book for almost-free! 

I look at it this way: I hope to get the manuscript for Grace Among the Dead to the publisher this weekend. If you pick up Bleeding Kansas for 99 cents you will be primed for the even more sublime zombie apocalypse horror that is Grace Among the Dead.

Come on. They put my zombie caviar on the goddamn dollar menu. What’s 99 cents? If you haven’t read any of my weapons-grade pro fiction already, here’s a risk-minimized offer. It’s only good for a few more days, so jump on it!