Wednesday, February 12, 2014

A Lincoln’s Birthday Resolution

Having read my posts over the last few weeks I have come to the conclusion that I am in possession of a toxic attitude (among many) which needs to be shut down ASAP.

Henceforth I resolve to emancipate myself from my bitterness over our Great Cultural Entropy. I will no longer weep and wail that there will never be another Next Big Thing like The Beatles to transform our lives with their songwriting.

The dream is over.

The best songs have been written, along with the best books. The Great American Novel is dead, and that’s it, it’s not coming back. 

It’s probably just as well.

There will never be another Great Movie or anything along those lines. It’s all remakes and reboots and recycling from here on out.

Going out to the movies is an exercise in tolerance for rudeness, which I cannot sustain for the time required. As for watching movies at home, I actually find it difficult to make the time. It’s all right. I’ll deal. I’ve been dealing for decades. I’ve got a long list of supposed “classic” movies I’ve never seen. I am no poorer for it.

Most of all, I need to make my peace with the fact that technology will not take us to the stars, only find ways of making us dependent on gadgets that make us more efficient consumer/slaves while keeping us under surveillance, for our buying habits as well as possible “anti-social” (or whatever) activity.

It’s the Dark Ages with smartphones and many times more mouths to feed, waste to process, resources to burn. We’re not only going to die on this rock, we’re going to do it in the dumbest, most never-should-have-happened way possible. Not with a bang, but a “durr?”

So why complain? It won’t help us survive it. We certainly ain’t thrivin’ with this attitude, that’s for sure.

All right, then. Back to work.