Thursday, January 02, 2014

Welcome to the Void

It’s only the second day of the New Year, and already the year doesn’t feel so new. Especially if you’re going back in to work. In my case, I don’t even have a weekend to look forward to. I’ll likely be working all day Sunday hustling textbooks to university students who’ll need them by the next morning. 

The only thing that saved me from being swamped today is that most students don’t have their schedules yet. Which just means I’ll get slammed harder Saturday and Sunday. And I’ll have a host of bitter, angry, tired stragglers on Monday. Maybe Tuesday, if my contract gets extended. I doubt they’ll need me past this point. 

I refuse to submit to the Void. It’s my best term for that dead, empty period after the jumpin’ fourth quarter. Since Labor Day, really, when the Halloween stuff went on display in the stores. We were stoked for Halloween, stoked for Thanksgiving, and completely beside ourselves for Christmas, with one good raving drunk to send it off on New Year’s Eve.

Yet even New Year’s Day, that final holiday in the Happy Holidays Omnibus of Fun, seems a let down. Just the day you get over your hangover while taking in a bowl game. Or cleaning the office and the house, as my wife and I have been doing for over the last week.

And after that? Nothing. No songs, no joy, no anticipation of parties and gifts and food and hanging out. The Grammys, the Super Bowl, the Oscars? St. Valentine’s Day, St. Patrick’s Day, Cinco de Mayo? Please. It’s a wasteland straight on until Memorial Day, the USA’s official unofficial beginning of summer. A Void.

So here we are, exhausted, depressed—and even if well-rested and feeling more-or-less okay, it does seem more of an effort, doesn’t it? No wonder we drop those resolutions, and end up hating ourselves more for it.

So here’s today’s blog post. Tomorrow I’ll do that set of pushups and crunches I missed this morning on top of tomorrow morning’s set. 

I will not give in. I will not surrender. When this temp gig is up I’ll have a proper Twelfth Night celebration to send the season off properly. I’ll hoist high the Jolly Roger as my ship makes its way through the psychic horse latitudes that are January through May.

The anticipation built throughout the festive season is no longer blowing at our backs. But in a way, that’s fine. Without the distractions of the season, we work to bring our gifts to the next season. We will work to become stronger, smarter celebrants. The kind who are making a little more money than this time last year.

Here’s a great song about making the changes in the great grand lonesome of one’s own heart. It’s good for New Year’s or whenever you need to declare a break from What Was to Something Else.