Sunday, December 22, 2013

“Trio”: A Devotional by KING CRIMSON

At the First Touch of Winter, Summer Fades
,” Valentine Cameron Princep, 1897.
It’s not all apocalyptic guitar-bashing and long, noodly solos. Sometimes it’s just achingly beautiful. You’ll have to turn the sound up to hear the plaintive introductory notes calling out like a lost kitten. It’s a slow, gradual process, but love finds it, as we pray it finds us all.

King Crimson’s instrumental “Trio,” from their 1974 album Starless and Bible Black, speaks of loneliness, the solace found in stolen moments of quiet beauty, the rare blessing of those cherished few who come and go in our lives. It evokes the preciousness of a single, special afternoon, a night, a shared dawn—and how heartbreakingly transitory it all is. To think that an arrangement of notes on musical instruments can convey the emotional enormity of such an idea....

This is more than a meditation. It’s a devotional. Listen to this right before bed and you should sleep with your heart and guts properly unclenched.