Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Mid-October Metal: King Crimson's RED

Between the Wikipedia page for this album and the reviews on the Amazon page you’ll learn that King Crimson’s “Red” goes in an out of three different time signatures, uses whole tone scales, tritone intervals (the “forbidden” diabolus in musica!), and was the title track to one of Kurt Cobain’s favorite albums, the Last Great Album of the Prog Era, etc., etc., and who gives a shit.

All you need to know, kind Internet Pilgrim, is that it’s loud, evil-sounding, and the perfect metal instrumental for the Halloween season. Another great piece from the band that brought you the perfect soundtrack to a zombie apocalypse, this time with 275% more straightforward slabs of power-chording. Crank this mean-ass motherfucker:

If you’re in need of some grue-vee fiction to read for Halloween, I wrote a dark and bad-tempered novel of the zombie apocalypse. Just thought I’d put that out there. Here’s hoping you’re enjoying this most Holy Month.