Monday, September 02, 2013

Labor Day Weekend Wipeout 2013

Killin’, grillin’, chillin’.

I thought I’d try this thing in which, once a week, I’d review the Great Issues of the Week. It would be a way to keep this blog timely, and get some posts up.

The hell of it is, try as I might, I can’t bring myself to give a shit one way or another about Syria. So yet another dictator we used to support has outlived his usefulness and we’re aching to bomb his people because he supposedly used chemical weapons on his people. So? 

We allow rich men to poison our drinking water so they can sell natural gas overseas. SWAT teams are used by local authorities to put down illegal baby deer (yes, such things exist) and serve warrants. In this Land of the Free we suffer surveillance cameras in our cities and the NSA collects our email. Local U.S. police forces abuse their citizens as a matter of course and our “justice” and prison systems are no more than institutionalized sadism. So who’s coming over to “punish” our leaders for their abuses, even as our current figurehead president desires to “punish” Assad for what’s he’s done to his people (again, by bombing his people)?

If the elites want war, they’ll take us to war. It looks like they’re holding back to make a show that process and protocol are being observed. I’m annoyed we’re bothering with this empty ritual. Why are we even talking about this like we have a choice, let alone a stake in this? 

Syrian children will burn because that’s how some people earn their money. It’s called the Bottom Line, baby, and it’s more powerful than any prayer or protest you’ll ever make. Whether you want to blather on about U.S. military intervention being the Only Way to Stop the Bad Thing (and We’ll Carefully Select Our Targets This Time, Honest!) or to complain about how the Shining City on the Hill that never was is nothing more than a corporate-owned security state in perpetual war, it doesn’t matter. It is what it is, and you’re wasting breath. What you or I think about this doesn’t affect the decisions of people who regard us as nothing more than cattle. That’s you, too, smart guy.

In other news, American celebrities are still vacuous and unappealing, what ironic justice! And how very kind of the propaganda ministry to serve up an example every day by way of our Two Minutes Hate.

I look back over the summer. It wasn’t epic, but it was all right. My nearly grown children got to see their relations, and I realized how important it is to live closer to said relations as opposed to sweating a two-day, 12-hour-plus-each drive to see them. Everybody say, “Awww!” Seriously, though. Fuck that long-ass drive.

I laugh to think how even the new Star Trek movie couldn’t get me to the theater this year. Seriously, the bad guy was Khan? Again? Christ. Although I understand it did well in terms of box office, I’ve noticed Star Trek Into Darkness doesn’t make mention in many end-of-the-summer recaps, which seem to be nothing more than schadenfreude about All Those Expensive Failures. Am I the only one who’s caught on that this is an end-of-summer ritual, the big Boo-Hoo, Hollywood Is Creatively Bankrupt, Too Many Comic Books and Franchises and Remakes and Reboots? 

And despite all the protests the comic books and franchises and reboots and remakes keep coming. Notice a pattern? Anyway, fuck going to the movies. I figure if I stick around long enough every theatrical release I was ever remotely curious about will repeat endlessly on cable. I must have seen the first Star Trek movie a dozen times on TV over the four years since its original release. I even saw it at my friend’s house while in South Carolina this summer. I expect it will be the way with Into Darkness before long. “Oh, this is on again? It doesn’t make a lick of sense but it’s still fun to watch....”

Fuck the wildfires, too. They’ve been easy to forget with this wetter-than-most monsoon season, but it’s clear they’re going to be a regular thing come summer in Colorado Springs. What the hell. We’ve established the need to get out of here for reasons almost as pressing as the threat of getting burned alive.

I’m already a day late on this inaugural Sunday Week in Review piece. Blame it on Labor Day Weekend. Blame it on football; my son made his high school varsity debut on Saturday. Blame it on a first book I’m rewriting so extensively it might as well be my third. I’d meant to finish it by this weekend. I’ll consider it a victory of sorts if I’m done by this time next week.

So there’s some sweet to go with the sour here. At least we don’t live in Syria. Those poor people are doomed, no two ways about it. Me, I’m looking forward to some stark, cold-weather sunrises. And finishing and turning in The Resilient for publication. Here’s the kind of autumn sunset I can look forward to in a couple of months. So there’s that. Happy Labor Day Weekend, y’all.

Res ipsa loquitor.