Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Today I Joined Reddit

...now I’ve really got to get creative

“Learn social media” is cliché in articles about promoting one’s product/brand/ book. Even more cliché are the sites these article writers insist you use: Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. If that writer wants to impress you with a really comprehensive list, he might mention Tumblr or Pinterest.

Funny how you never see Reddit mentioned—unless, that is, it’s in a Gawker Media article bitching about how the site harbors pervs and people guilty of anti-feminist crimethink, etc.* Well, today, I joined Reddit. And wouldn’t you know, this blog is getting page hits and an audience is finding Bleeding Kansas. If it wasn’t to keep up with all eight or ten people I give a shit about on Facebook, I’d quit that site in a heartbeat. Reddit is where it’s at, baby.

I naturally subscribed to the subreddits (pages) Zombies, Horror, Apocalypse, Zombie Survival Tactics, and Resilient Communities. There’s lots to read, lots to absorb. The challenge is in finding things to contribute to the party, links, pictures, etc. You can’t lurk if you’re going to make things happen for you, and there’s not much these people miss. 

Complicating matters further, I really enjoyed talking to one of the Zombies mods online today. I wrote him of my plans to post a link to my website, which has a link to my book, and he thanked me for the heads-up on the potential spam-flagging. No snooty bullshit, no feeling of being held at arm’s length and made to feel honored to be in anyone’s presence. Just read the pool rules and jump right in, son. Well, hell, what else could I do? I jumped.

If you’re here because of my link from /r/zombies, then I thank you in advance for forcing me to step up my game. I’ve got to get some internal linkage going so you can find the zombie stories I have up—until then, just find the “zombie fiction” label and take it from there. And if you’ve bought Bleeding Kansas, let me know what you think about it. Out loud. Here. Or on the Amazon site.

If I play this right, everyone wins. I write better zombie fiction, and you get to read it. Now for Step Two....

*After reading about how a reporter doxxed a Redditor, declared him the Worst Troll on the Internet, and subsequently ruined his life, got him fired from his job, etc., I boycotted all Gawker Media sites and wondered why I didn’t do it sooner. To read these dirtbags gloating about it—even editors of Gawker sites unrelated to the news—you’d think they’d taken down Adolf Eichmann and closed Auschwitz. Sure, that guy ran some skeevy subreddits (upskirt photos that would be posted somewhere else if not on his subreddit) but he wasn’t getting anyone raped or killed. Or, for that matter, fired from their jobs and forced into destitution.

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They're not zombies. But they could be....