Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Why I Shouldn't Post on Current Events, Reason # 2,057

Yesterday they were the Ku Klux Kourt for gutting the Voting Rights Act. Today they are wise, wonderful, enlightened angels for permitting the legality of wealthy gay people to get married. Good for the gay people (no, really), but the Supreme Court has been a sick pro-corporate, pro-police state, anti-American joke for going on three decades now. The reason the gays got what they wanted was because enough wealthy and (therefore) influential gay men put their wealthy and influential shoulders to the issue. 

Gay people who make as much money as you and I are just as invisible as you and I to the people who make these decisions. There’s your “equality” right there. As it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be. Having finished pissing in your big rainbow punch bowl, I take my leave. Enjoy the party.  Tomorrow I expect you’ll be bitching or rejoicing about something else entirely. As you should, because that’s what your masters want.

Carry on, chumps. And remember, you’re the freest, bestest, proudest slaves that ever slaved in all of human history. Your masters said so. That’s something, right?

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