Thursday, May 09, 2013

Line of the Day, Five-Nine-Thirteen Edition

Eight days into the month and I let yesterday go without a post. The one visitor I had yesterday may have noticed. All I knew it was already 1:30 a.m. this morning and I was so deep into editing and rewrites all I could say was, “Well, so much for that.” I might have posted something then, but...shit....

In a way, I’m happy not to have anything else to write about. Until Bleeding Kansas is done, nothing means anything. You don’t want to know my opinions on current events. They’d scare the hell out of you. They scare the hell out of me. So I don’t think about them. I’ve got work to do. And nothing means anything until it's done. So there.

I came across this bon mot today while combing through Chapter 18. We’ll make this the first Line of the Day, in which I’ll post something from my daily workflow that makes me look twice—and not just because it’s glaringly horrible and I have to fix it. The following describes my character’s conflicted mood after a particularly squicky, traumatic incident:

I knew better than express outrage in front of Rebecca and her aim with that little .22. Hell, I knew so well I didn’t even feel that outrage until now. Which pisses me off even more. So congratulations, Evans. Your soft Veteran of the Global Tour of DoD Golf Courses ass is mine for the flogging until I can make peace with myself for being a pussy in the face of simple mean-ugly bullshit. 

Maybe I’m too close to this to judge properly but goddamn, that’s beautiful.

I’ve got a ways to go. I’ll put up more when I find them.

Coming soon (as I finish the fucking thing) from Severed Press!
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