Friday, April 05, 2013

Zombie Apocalypse Jukebox, Friday Edition: Monster Magnet Will SEE YOU IN HELL!

It’s a tense, twitchy time, bringing all the elements together for the Grand Apocalyptic Ending for Bleeding Kansas, which curiously seems to have scheduled itself for the weekend. Goddamn, I know, I should have had this done two weeks ago. Shit keeps getting complicated, though. 

There are worse ways to do a spring weekend. I’d like to roll into it with this spirited little moral tale of the consequences of throwing your infanticide into a Jersey landfill. The creature is waiting for a battle in the ancient swamp, we talk to Jesus through a hole in the floor. All this and a mean walking bass line. You hear the organ and think “The Doors Meet The Munsters!” This song is so full of win it’s not goddamned funny. 

The operative quote of my next 24-hour writing period: “Fifty thousand people doesn’t sound like a lot of people but when they all dead, man, believe me that’s more’n you need. We’re fuckin’ outnumbered here!” Let’s turn this mother up and get paid....