Tuesday, January 08, 2013

A Shaky Start

Looking at my living room yesterday I realized my mistake—snow or no snow, I should have brought in the boxes from the shed and de-Christmased the house not one day later than 26 December. Having the Christmas tree and decorations up from the last week of November through the first week of January did more than just wear Christmas out. It was a psychological block. It’s nearly impossible to get going on your New Year when vestiges of the old are still around.

I was proud of myself for having kept up the one-post-a-day since the week after Christmas. Since then I’ve deleted a post that simply left a bad taste, and I’m considering deleting two more. I’ve missed a few days because, frankly, I was bummed. The post-holiday letdown hit hard this year, and having that damned tree still up was part of it.

I was feeling pretty up with all the increased traffic from BartCop. But what to do for a follow-up? And that increased traffic? A hundred or so more views. Real Web sites rack up views in the thousands. So when do I make a real Web site? How do I make a real Web site?

The post I deleted, and the ones I’m considering deleting, pose problems of tone and direction. Look, we all know the USA is Game Over, this isn’t a free country and the police are not our friends, etc. For all I know I could make a name for myself in that very large, very crowded echo chamber, but I’m sick and tired of making myself depressed about things I can’t do anything about. Why not talk about the things we all can do? Without becoming some equally tired motivational site, that is.

I’ll figure it out as I go. Seems to be the way these things work. Keep thinking aloud to myself until something brilliant turns up....