Monday, October 29, 2012

A Perfectly Convenient Storm

Hurricane Sandy is the Big Story this Monday. The consensus among U.S. propaganda organs is that not only are power outages guaranteed even before the storm reaches shore this evening, these outages will last weeks—as in, clear through Election Week.

Naturally, no one’s asking, “Hey, we’re a dozen years into the new century already! How is it that the Bestest, Most Technologically Advanced Country in the World doesn’t have an electrical power grid that stands up once the wind starts blowing hard?”
I suppose I should be impressed that our owners/rulers have determined they can run an empire on such pitiful, built-to-crumble-so-we-can-overcharge-for-repairs infrastructure. The Romans, who built roads and aqueducts still in use after 2000 years (two thousand years!) would be appalled but they’re dead, we’re not, and there’s still money to be siphoned off. Get back to work, slave!

Reading between the lines, it looks as if this storm was a lucky break for those behind the scenes stealing the election for Romney. Most polls touted in the media show Obama one percentage point behind Romney; those cooked numbers are “evidence” that he’s slipping anyway. Not that there will be a photo-finish to this horse race. The Democrats will concede first thing, as they always do. There will be no recount. Romney will be declared the winner by the media and, as in 2000, we’ll be told to “move on.”

Hurricane Sandy, a barely-Category 1 hurricane already overhyped by the media as “Frankenstorm” because it’s expected to merge with a strong cold front upon landfall, will be part of the “Aw, shucks, weren’t nuttin’ we could do anyway” rationale for purged voter rolls, voter intimidation, voter harassment (as in Florida in 2000, state troopers set up driver’s license checks outside of black neighborhoods), no paper trails, hacked voting machines owned by Romney’s son, among others…yeah, that big ol’ storm blew in and the next thing we knew we had a Real American President with an Overwhelming Mandate (the People have SPOKEN!) to make everything even better for his social class (already profiting immensely from the world’s misery) while the rest of us will have to “sacrifice.”

I wish I had better news, but here it is. The best thing I can say about a Romney administration is it’ll accelerate the decline of our Potemkin village of an Empire. Not that it will hurt any less. It’ll just be over quicker so we can get on with the more pressing miseries of survival in an economically blasted, looted land, picked apart and ruled by gangsters and strongmen. Pretty much the way it is now, just worse. You’ll be working longer hours for less pay if you’re working at all. The rest of us will be rounded up and pushed around in homeless camps/prisons, what-have-you. Again, the way it is now, just worse.

Happy Monday! Now get back to work.